Over the ten-week program, participants write their copy, build their decks, and practice both their 5-minute and 20-minute pitches multiple times.

Feedback received from the instructors, peers, and guest “executives” allow for adjustments and elevation along the way to make their final presentations pop and sparkle.

Upon completion participants will have the skills to successfully pitch their projects in person and virtually.

Vetted projects will be given the opportunity to pitch to executives and companies locally and at play in the international marketplace.

In addition, graduates will receive quarterly updates on industry events where they may pitch to additional professionals.

What’s Covered:

Types of Documents               

What is needed to sell successfully

Pitch Checklist                          

What to include and why

Research and Benchmark        

How to meet expectations

Storytelling and Flow                

Capture your audience

Refining Information                 

Finding the essence and using it

Presentation Techniques           

Adding value to emphasize 

Online vs Offline                       

How to make the most of your time

Why you?                                 

Reinforcing your unique voice

What’s next?                            

How to play the long game


5-minute Pitch                          

Get Executives interested

20-minute Pitch                        

Sell to Executives